Reusable systems for
the vegan and
vegetarian industry

Sustainable solutions for sustainable products


The vegan industry is constantly growing. The worldwide flow of goods must be organised in an efficient, cost-optimised and environmentally friendly manner. Are consumers also concerned about how vegan products get into industry and retail? These products must also be transported. Reusable transport packaging, such as the green BigBox, is available on the European market so that transport can be made using environmentally friendly means.


Compared to disposable packaging, reusable packaging saves resources and is therefore the more environmentally friendly option.

The BigBoxes are very durable and robust. Thanks to the recyclable material, the raw material from a defective BigBox can be reused for further cycles.


The BigBox is an environmentally friendly reusable transport packaging for the transport of e.g. vegan and vegetarian food. They are available in different colours and sizes. Eurosizes and industrial sizes are the common sizes for the European market. The BigBox can be used as secondary and primary packaging, thus saving additional packaging material and also resources.