A strong alliance for strong commitment


The board of directors manages the foundation under its own responsibility in accordance with the articles of association. In doing so, it must fulfil the will of the founders as effectively and sustainably as possible. The members of the board of directors work in an honorary capacity.

Frank Reininghaus
(Chair of the Board of Directors)

Schoeller Allibert GmbH

Dr. Kurt Jäger
(Deputy Chair)

Managing Director, Euro Pool System International (Deutschland) GmbH

Thomas Walther

Managing Director, WALTHER Faltsysteme GmbH

Florian Runden

Managing Director, WBG-Pooling GmbH & Co. KG

Roel de Jong

Managing Director, Container Centralen GmbH

Christoph Trixl
(Chair, Chair of the Transport Logistics Section)

Vice President North & Central Europe, IFCO SYSTEMS GmbH


The task of the board of trustees is to advise the board of directors on all fundamental issues of the foundation and to provide impulses for the foundation’s work. The board of trustees features a diverse group and includes people from business, politics, research and associations. The members of the board of trustees work in an honorary capacity.

Günter Gerland
(Chair of the Board of Trustees)

BtwB - Strategie- und Logistik Beratung

Frank van Sluis
(Deputy Chair)

Company Secretary, Euro Pool System International B.V.

Roland Demleitner

Managing Director, Private Brauereien Deutschland e.V.

Günther Guder

Executive Managing Director, Verband zur Förderung von Mehrwegverpackungen e.V.

Dr. Volker Lange

Fraunhofer Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik (IML)

Dirk Reinsberg

Executive Managing Director, Bundesverband des Deutschen Getränkefachgroßhandels e.V.

Jürgen Resch

Bundesgeschäftsführer, Deutsche Umwelthilfe e. V.

Martin Schoeller, Dipl.-Ing. ETH

Managing Director, Schoeller Holding GmbH