Reusable systems for
flowers and plants

Smart solutions for green products

PlanT trays

Sustainable from gardener to dealer to gardener

It's not just the flora that can breathe a sigh of relief. The reusable pallet systems known as plant trays, make this possible. After a gardener has delivered the plants to the store, the pallets are cleaned and returned to the gardener. A cycle in which no additional plastic waste is generated. The new reusable version is intended to help drastically reduce the mountain of waste in the garden area. The pallets are made of post-consumer recycled material and can be used in many ways similar to mineral water crates.

Studies show that such reusable systems can save up to 30 per cent CO2, as the relatively large amount of CO2 produced during the manufacture of the pallets is put into perspective by repeated use. Sustainability has become an important strategic issue. The subject of packaging plays a major role in this context. For this reason, retailers want to offer their customers alternatives for plant transport and see great potential for further improvements.

Container Centralen (CC) was founded jointly in 1977 by Danish flower and potted flower exporters. CC Container is specially designed to transport potted plants and flowers. Today it serves customers throughout Europe as a recognised standard within the green industry. Along the entire supply chain, the CC Container can be exchanged 1:1 full for empty. This reduces the total number of CC Containers needed throughout the supply chain. The CC Container can be used universally both for transporting products and for display in retail.

CC Containers are rental units and usually remain the property of Container Centralen. In general, long-term leases of the containers can be agreed in order to cover basic annual requirements. In addition, seasonal demand at peak times can also be covered by (short) term rentals. For this rental, the CC units are rented flexibly, e.g. to cover demand in the spring, or up to a period of one year as an annual rental.